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  1. Hm. If Paul can go back and forth so quickly, why move? I must be missing something. Then again, he could run business via the commlink, let the interns move up for everyday duties, and show up in Chronopolis (or anywhere on Earth) as needed to keep up appearances. Best of both worlds, literally. Besides, how can you say no to a raven-haired beauty in her time of need?

  2. Maybe the boyfriend of the queen isn’t allowed to leave the dimension too.

  3. … maybe the boyfriend of the Queen must become the Queens husband ASAP to ensure good and strong offspring. You know, to ensure the continuity of the royal line?
    And if the Queen isn’t allowed to leave the dimension, I’m fairly sure that her husband will not be allowed, either…

  4. Ouf, this got heavy really fast. Nice to balance this part with the funnier side of body-switching.

  5. And.. what about his people, his duty, and his (figurative) family?

    Also, what happens if her mother recovers after she’s coronated?

  6. While a race of superhumans might be ok with a princess slumming with other species. There is no history of royalty marrying someone that didn’t have a political advantage before UK’s Dianna. The lifespan difference would be like a horse marrying a parrot.

  7. Sandonienne’s comment about the body switching got me wondering. Could Zoe and her sister switch bodies? It would be an unconventional resolution,but it would resolve their immediate dilemma.

  8. I’m actually wondering how this is going to work out – AWESOME

  9. would Leandians accept a half Human as a royal Heir?
    or would they prefer a Queen who would choose another Leandian as a spouse?

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