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  1. (O_O) Wait-what now?! If a couple of crazy kids like these two can’t make it work-what hope do the rest of us have?!

  2. He couldn’t commute?

  3. For some reason, I don’t think this is really the end of Zoe on Earth. There’s so much drama to be had with an abdication… or a spurned woman. Either way, this gun be gud!
    Of course I could be wrong on both counts.

  4. Dang, Zoe got dumped twice for the same reason. The guy couldn’t give up who he was to be with her. That’s harsh.

  5. Harsh, but honest. Frankly, each of them is far better off knowing and acknowledging this now than trying to struggle to make things work, only to have them fail.

    …Thank you for listening to my dignified, accepting commentary. I’m just going to go over there and sob for a bit into that corner, now…nothing to see here, folks…move along, move along…

  6. Relationships don’t make you happy on thier own.
    It is them on top of the life you already have that makes true happyness.

    It was clear where each ones life was. The whole Queen thing just forced them to decide on it sooner.

  7. Not sure how “long-distance” this relationship might be if he can teleport home every morning, and back to “work” at night. I am also assuming that she is not entirely restricted to home, and can visit Earth on occasion…

  8. Damm that’s sad

  9. “It was clear where each ones life was. The whole Queen thing just forced them to decide on it sooner.”

    Given the lifespan differences they could have been together till he died of old age.

  10. Well, it happens. C’est la vie, and so forth.
    (Oh, by the way, it should be “I wish it weren’t”… subjunctive mood, not indicative. Look it up.

  11. Dark Defenders don’t do happily ever after. I am pretty sure that is a contractual requirement even if the character is not a top seller spread across several different titles.

  12. What do the laws of physics have to do with their relationship? Also, does that woman in panel 2 have two chests? (4 breasts) Very harsh, Paul. No woman likes to hear that your job is more important than she is. I know that she, technically, was forced to take a job elsewhere, but at least she still wanted to keep you in her life. I’m guessing commuting isn’t as easy as it looks.

  13. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

  14. Pretty sure the woman in panel two is just big. She seems to be roughly the same height as her male companion, though for all I know that is short for a Leandian female…

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