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  1. This does leave me agreeing with a previous commenter that so far we haven’t seen why this would be a problem, their gateway between the worlds seems to provide no problems at all with them getting together. No mention of extreme energy costs, limited times it can be use, etc so why can’t he drop in any time he feels like? He should be able to put a gateway in his mansion easily and drop over to see her every day just about with what we’ve seen so far. We could definitely use something that would make it obvious that they indeed can’t do something like that to justify why they seem to have to break up.

  2. So..Now the develop a crazy last minute rescue plan

  3. Nightmask, a life together is not built on “dropping by” when you have time. You can part-time a job but you can’t part-time a marriage. This really is an all-in or an all-out kind of thing.

  4. Nightmask, to add to what pdoe said:
    A relationship is the most serious commitment. More serious then something like work.

    It wasn’t a fling for either of the two. They want a proper relationship. That can’t work with them living in different houses, much less dimensions.

    Plus you remember that time when the gateway malfunctioned and we got a fake Mark as a result?
    That is the kind of risk you take with every travel. Sounds a lot more dangerous then flght to me, even if it takes less time.

  5. He can give up the mask and live with her until he dies of old age. Having a king of a different species depends on how the natives & politics work out. There is also a question if time flows at the same rate relatively on each side of the portal. She could also abdicate to her sister.

  6. Anubis, both of those possibility have been ruled out. He can’t abandon his family, friends, city, and duty, and if she abdicates, she would be permanently banished from the land, which she is not willing to do.

  7. If he is coming home, to her place, when he is not on duty, he is not just dropping by occasionally. It is no different then commuting to and from work every day from one’s home. If there is a possibility that a teleportation device is available regularly to make this happen, then this no longer is a long distance relationship, and they can make a serious commitment. This possibility has yet to be ruled out by our good author.

  8. Good grief, what awful advice.
    Most of these people appear to have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to relationships.
    Many, many people have actually choosen to have happy relationships just like this, starting with active military and right on to traveling salespeople, musicians and actors.
    The excuses are just that. Get over yourselves.

  9. I can see some kind of missed the fact that if the ability to travel to her world is as easy as it seems to be here then like in any other relationship where couples head off to work and meet back at home to hang out. It’s called commuting and so far what we see isn’t a big deal that should be a problem. Sure she can’t leave her world but they come off kind of shallow if the idea of him heading off to work every day on Earth and returning to see her after his workday is done is seen as some kind of insurmountable level of separation.

  10. renovate an expansion to the Mansion or rebuild
    most or all of Paul’s Mansion as an exact spacial replica
    of the inside of the Leandian Palace.

    Quantumly overlap the identical spaces of both the Mansion and Palace
    Creating a permanent quantum bridge between both Realities
    One Main door for Leandia
    One Main door for Earth
    should be an easy job for Doctor Karma

    the Palace Mansion may sort of exist in either both places
    or will exist in a pocket dimension outside of time and space.
    But Paul and Zoe can still live together
    and be a step away from both worlds.

    the Quantum effects from such an architecture are unknown
    it could be perfectly stable
    or it may start to fracture the dimensional divide between both worlds
    and both realities may try to absorb the other.
    physics becoming a blending or a patchwork between both.
    it could be a new beginning or the apocalypse as we know it.
    either of the three options could be a good addition to the plot.

  11. Like many others here I haven’t seen why commuting via the Gateway would be a problem, however I do think we may be over simplifying.
    Remember he is not only Darkblade and therefore on call 24/7 he is also playboy millionaire Paul who has family and friends. But even so I don’t see this as an insurmountable problem, he Gateways to Earth to show up as Paul, who starts to become more reclusive, whilst there he continues training up his interns who will be able to cover for Darkblade for the more routine heroing and while he is at home with Zoe if something serious comes up the interns can call him in.

    @Christopher No I don’t remember that incident.

  12. Something that hasn’t been addressed: What’s the time difference? What’s the good of coming by when he’s off-duty if she’s in the middle of her day and busy with running the planet? And when, in this scenario, is he supposed to sleep?

    Some people do make long-distance relationships work. However, they get to spend at least some time synced up. And a lot of those relationships fail, too. Let’s give the World’s Greatest Detective (and Amazonia too!) some credit – they’ve not done anything to prove themselves stupid enough to be ignoring an obvious solution. If they don’t feel it will work for them, then that’s their right.

  13. Zoe has to do what she feels is right for her. At the risk of sounding Ayn Rand-ish, the family and the state have limited rights to her life and service. After all, SHE’s the one who’s going to have to live with the decision, not them.

  14. K. Alan, re: your comment about the state and family having limited rights to Amazonia’s life, that’s a Western perspective. Some other cultures place much more emphasis on duty to family or society than individual happiness or fulfillment. Amazonia’s society apparently places a LOT of emphasis on the queen’s duty to her people. From their perspective, Western individualism might seem selfish.

  15. Yeah, don’t lecture the guy on what a relationship is. His points are perfectly reasonable. For the purposes of the story we must accept the situation, but realistically a relationship would seem to be entirely possible.

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