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  1. “Here comes trouble, here comes the danger”

  2. Whatever you do, don’t-

  3. Cue the sound track to Freaky Friday…

    What? The conversation is class role reversal story intro. 😀

  4. Point-of-view argument next to a mysterious tiki idol. We ALL know what’s coming.

  5. Well, at least she already knows how to use his powers.

  6. Anyone who doesn’t see what’s coming needs to be slapped. Repeatedly. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Abby trying to tell people about this; or not tell them. That’ll be lots of fun too.

  7. … like something she’d be extremely foolish to touch.

  8. Mind and/or Gender Switch incoming!

  9. Oh-oh…

  10. “I’m never going to know what pregnancy is like…oh by the way, here is this weird tiki idol for reasons…” I think nothing happening after this would be more surprising… not funnier per se but more surprising.

  11. Funny, they don’t LOOK like John Schuck and Sharon Gless…<I'm old…

  12. Switching minds i can take, but making Crusader pregnant might be an overkill.

  13. Couldn’t we have just visit the other Doc Karma’s dimension? Let Abby and Mark meet Abraham and Marquette in birthing class.

  14. Incoming body swap story,

  15. The mind boggles regarding other couples “switched” by The Evil Brain (Paul and Zoe…either or both of them going “DAYUM!” in a private moment)…

  16. Looks like we’re about to enter Thorne Smith “Turnabout” territory here. ^_^

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