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  1. THE FEELS!!!

  2. that’s a jerk way of saying goodbye Paul.

  3. Once again I find myself in the awkward position of loving the writing and hating the writer.

    Ah well. Such is fandom.

  4. It’s defeatist talk, dude. Plus, why should SHE be the one to make the sacrifices?

  5. Let’s hope Abbie/Mark sets him straight!

  6. He already has trained interns
    he could reasonably retire
    leave the crime fighting to the interns
    and mange his and zoe’s financial assets in his spare time.

  7. No he actually can’t leave it in the hands of the interns, they’re interns after all. None of them have passed the qualifications to upgrade to his position, indeed they’ve a long ways to go. Plus for those that think somehow his position is so easy to give up compared to hers it’s not, they turned him from the brat that he was into the incredibly responsible man that he is now. His responsibilities are as important as hers. There’s no way he could give any of that up without absolutely certainty he was passing it on to someone who could do as good or better than him at the job (like an alternate universe version that did so well back home he’s looking for another earth to clean up).

  8. Why do I find myself thinking that this is some sort of awful test?
    At face value, this is the end for them- but I smell a plot twist close by.

  9. Her mom has only been examined by the doctors of her world – and all they’ve said is that they’re helpless because the disease has a non-magical cause. That opens the door for a non-magical cure.

  10. No, Doctor Karma is the one who said he was helpless because the disease was non-magical.

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