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  1. So is my earlier idea of Amazonia using the tiki statue to body-switch with her sister out? I mean, her sister wants to be queen, right?

  2. And to be clear, I’m not being entirely serious about that. I would have edited my post to avoid spamming, but I don’t seem to be able to do so.

  3. Geez, Paul, FIGURE IT OUT. No, I have no idea what the answer is, but I’m not the world’s best detective, either.

  4. Well, detective skills mean great ability to figure out what has happened in the past. Not necessarily what to do to get a desired result in the future.

  5. How Darkblade Got His Darkness Back.
    There’s gonna be some heavy-handed justice in C-Town tonight.

  6. Blob, would it count as cheating if you’re passionate with your lover and you’re using your sibling’s body?

  7. Paul and Zoe have had similar (“royal”(ish)/privileged at least), with less of the down-to-Earthiness of Mark and Abby. They’ve both been romantic “players” without real commitment or need for same…until right now, as they realize how much they need/want each other… and are needed/wanted. And it’s hitting them hard. Viciously hard. Imagine what it might take to make Bruce and Diana misty…that’s how devastating this must be.

  8. True, Yngvar, but Darkblade should still have a plan. It’s right there in the blipping archetype: “always have a plan.”

  9. Evil Brain, I’m thinking “no.” I mean, the person using their sibling’s body would be both aware of and presumably approve of it, right?

  10. Zoe planet is a martial society, if Paul or Zoe fight for her right to chose were to live and win they can avoid that Zoe has to stay in her home planet

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