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  1. I’ll admit I would be curious too.

  2. Remember, gang, that’s Abby’s line in the final panel, not Mark’s.

  3. I don’t get it. What were they doing?

  4. Finding out what it’s like on the side of the interaction.

  5. Who wouldn’t? Talk about a “FREAKY” friday. Better question: is that gay or masturbation or both?

  6. No. No, I would not.

  7. @Jasae Bushae:
    The thing that gave abbis body such a baby belly.

    @Kyushu Miyamoto:
    Keep telling yourself that. With freaky fridays come freaky exchanged urges.
    Plus at this lenght the relationship is more about the personality then the body anyway.

  8. I certainly would!

  9. @Christopher
    Feel pretty confident that I understand my own thoughts and urges better than you (seriously, why does anyone ever think that can be argued?). While I get that this would be a thing for some people, I am not one of them.

    Wife and I have been together longer than these two. No, it is not ABOUT the body, but it still matters.

  10. Are you kidding, that would be the first thing I did.

  11. While they may know the ‘cheat codes’, wouldn’t it be like trying to press the buttons with chop-sticks

  12. My wife definitely would have, and I would have gone along…. but we would *never* have tried it while we were pregnant!

  13. Are they attracted to their own bodies?

  14. I was re-reading the stip and I just realized… Is Charolette dressed up like gender-reversed Marty McFly?

  15. Millstone: Many people fall in love with someone who resembles themselves in some way. Mark and Abby are very different physically, and most of their relationship has been portrayed as based on a meeting of minds and hearts, but they may have biochemistry in common. (Mark used to be a regular person, his powers came from an outside source, a comet or something.) I’d probably want to try it, too. Not that far along in a pregnancy though. First four or five months are usually supposed to be okay.

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