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  1. The only one who can work the postage machine? Yup the business is doomed.

  2. Good executive assistants are often less appreciated than they ought to be. Too often people think of them as interchangeable peons and treat them that way. It’s not as bad as how little respect school teachers get, but I’ve learned it is important to make sure the admin assistants know how much you value their contributions if you want to keep the good ones – and how much grief you can get if the admin assistant is NOT a good one.

  3. Zoe’s sister doesn’t sound like a good alternative as Queen either.

  4. I have always wondered, is holding your arms out essential to the act of flying, and what happens when your arms get tired?

  5. Roborat: Blame George Reeves…OK, the effects people on “The Adventures of Superman.”

    And surely Grace can train someone before she leaves. (BTW, Oriana should offer her a catering contract…cupcakes and coffee make the world go ’round…that could provide an excuse for asking her to “consult” on office problems). As for Oriana’s fitness to rule Leandia…perhaps Abby could give her a quick rundown on the benefits of a constitutional monarchy or a democratically-run Republic? OK, the current candidates for yours are for the most part the reasons for revolutions, but…

  6. Rereading this it looks like it gives a hint of how things go later on and how things get resolved with her sister Amazonia.

  7. Given Amazonia’s mention of a High Council needing to approve a major change in law, I think Leandia already has a constitutional monarchy.

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