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  1. Yep take away the invulnerability and flight and we get a wee bit sensitive about things

  2. I’m having a hard time seeing just how that comment is supposed to help, except possibly as a mood lightener.

  3. I’ve long had the suspicion that, in a world where actual superpowers exist, there’s probably an instinct or “reward function” to certain superpowers that make them less…terrifying (re: the “ecstasies” felt by levitating holy or holy-ish people). Or painful. In this case, the former.

  4. I sort of thought Abby and Mark just switched back again, but apparently nobody else does.

  5. Good call! Didn’t think of that! I really don’t think Abby’s body would react to height like that, since she was “super” for a while. But it makes for a thought-provoking post!

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