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  1. They should count themselves lucky that neither of them swapped with junior.

  2. (yawns)
    saw this coming………………..

  3. …and wackiness ensues! Cool!

  4. Sooo… Mark is going to be a mommy after all? Hijinks ensue, I hope.

  5. BUM-BUM-BUM! Dramatic reveeerrrrrrb.

  6. And so, abby finnaly gets a cup of Coffee.

  7. A Mark experiences some labor pains. Hee-hee. I feel for Abby having to be the Crusader though. Time to call in Paul!

  8. Now comes the truly epic battle. Can Mark get them swapped back before child birth?

  9. I take it this was inspired by the classic Thorne Smith book, Turnabout, made into a movie in the thirties and a bad TV show in I think the Seventies.

    only in that story she wasn’t pregnant when they swapped. That came later. After all, the curse was that they had to learn what all of what it meant to be in the other person’s shoes. ^_^

  10. I wonder what evil brain wanted to do with the head,i thought body swapping is part of his powers.

  11. Now Mark, ain’t you happy you got Abby those super-heroing lessons back then as Titania before the marriage?

  12. More like inspired by every TV-Show in existence.
    Why does everyone Cite Books or Movies no one ever heard about?

  13. Toidillov, we cite the books and movies because those usually came first. The TV shows you referred to usually took the concepts from the older book / film sources.

  14. You said you’d never know what it was like, Mark. You brought this on yourself!

  15. I suspect there might be dialogue delated for the same reason certain outtakes from the final episode of “Dollhouse” were…taken out. 😉

  16. “Deleted.” Sorry.

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