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  1. Should he be sitting that close to the edge, especially in that body?
    Kinda putting your unborn at risk there Mark…………..

  2. Laurent, I’m pretty sure Darkblade can catch a single female falling off the roof when he’s looking right at her. Without disturbing fetuses, even.

  3. Wouldn’t it be weirder if it was Mark’s hand on him?

  4. EB, I was thinking the same thing exactly. I might pat my son’s leg reassuringly like that, but I can’t think of a single male friend I would. Shoulder pat is intimate enough.

  5. I read the weirdness as coming from biological reflexes… two ‘bros’ can engage in the most “homoerotic” activity and as long as neither is too far on the Kinsey Scale nothing ‘pings’ for either of them… But that same action with a Tomboy/Bro-chick and it sets off alarms…

  6. EB/Tobias/TJ411: I’m with ya. Still, if another news helicopter flies by, it’ll be less embarrassing than when Paul hugged Mark. It’ll be embarrassing for a whole new set of reasons… 😉

  7. If the paparazzi flew by they would think Amazonia’s friend, Abby was on an awkward date with Darkblade. This might help with publicity for the store or get Abby accused of adultery.

  8. Given Abby’s current condition, she, Mark and Paul (as Darkblade) might wind up on the Maury Povich show (“Darkblade…you are NOT the father!”)…

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