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  1. Did they just~* (O_O)

  2. Well that was easy!
    Wonder if it’s permanent?

  3. FINALLY!!! Man they were gettin annoying as eachother.

  4. I wondered if the portal would switch them back.

  5. She could get pregnant a second time and they could than switch bodies too,than he can wear the dress again

  6. I wonder if the gate switched the minds of the others too.

  7. So either the spell is only active on Earth or in the Earth Dimension and they’ll switch back when they return or transitioning through the portal broke the spell curing them permanently.

  8. It got to the point where the transporter on the animated Star Trek would fix anything.
    Yes, this is an ‘Undo’ that will stick even after they return.
    Everyone else is unaffected.

    How convenient!

  9. For Mark and Abby,not for the other who had their mind switched by the malfunctioning new gate

  10. It was stated as lunar based. On another planet, the moon’s not there. Hence, goodbye curse.

  11. It’s also a powerful kingdom. Quite likely the gate scans for foreign magic, and eliminates it if it can’t determine whether it’s benevolent or hostile.

  12. Me thinks that they used a gate (portal) instead of a transporter (that Amazonia used during the book signing) because Abby is Pregnant. Because it might’ve cause some complication.

  13. What I want to ask is, how come General O’Neill and SG-1 aren’t following them through that thing? ;p

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