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  1. “Stand?” Kind of a zero-gravity environment in there, isn’t it?

  2. It’s kind of a common way to put what fetuses do sometimes.

  3. Seems like some parental bonding XD

  4. “he” … oops

  5. It’s not immediately apparent how Doc Karma is conversing with them. I mean, magic, yeah, but not how it’s being used.

  6. Mondoblasto: Karma’s got a cell phone propped between his ear and shoulder. Obviously, he’s got access to Darkblade’s repeater that allows phone calls between worlds.

  7. @Mondoblasto I too missed it at first glance. Look close: Doc Karma is “magically” holding a smartphone-like device to his ear in the first panel, and Mark is somehow pocketing a similar-looking device in the second.

  8. Doc Karma has a cell phone to his ear and Mark is putting a cell phone back in his pants in the next panel.

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