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  1. Okay, what is she wearing under there?

  2. Single layer undershirt most likely, good for light activity and warm days, bad for pregenacy bust and cold. Bras are tricky, I don’t blame him honestly.

  3. He -could- have asked for help, duh!

  4. @Guest: You’re really expecting a man to ask for help? Then again, he was a woman at the time, so such a stricture might not apply.

    Aaddude: Underwear (under where)? (Yes, I remember asking/ being asked “What are you eating under there?” when I was much younger. You know, a few millennia ago according to younger acquaintances of mine)

  5. Cut Mark some slack. It’s difficult enough trying to get the bra OFF her…<don't hurt me…

  6. Am i the only suspecting the baby might decide to come up early with all theses disruptions – and possibly bring up some legal complications by being born in leandian soil?

  7. SolCannibal: Yes, I believe you are.

  8. Aw, come on, Mark. Not even a pull-over sports bra?

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