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  1. Oh gods, it looks like she is wearing a more provocative dress than she usually does.

  2. That -still- does not qualify as a dress. Those are mere strips of cloth. 😀

  3. Use the Tiki device to swap sisters, no moon to end the spell. Amazonia can be on earth in her sisters body. Or swap Amazonia and moms bodies since the lifespan of amazon to human is so different.

  4. Guest: And your complaint is–? (I’m just wondering if Abby and Charlotte will also be…properly attired for the occasion)

  5. Why do you assume I’m complaining? I was just stating an observation. ^^

    Once strips of cloth get SEWN together, you might call it a dress. (Or a shirt. Or whatever else you’re sewing.) Not before. 😉
    At the moment they are merely artfully draped strips of cloth, held together with some sort of bracelets (maybe a necklace at the front, dunno, we can’t see that part) and clasps.

  6. I’m glad they switched back moments ago. Otherwise it could have been awkward.

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