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  1. The problem with this situation is there there may be no “right” decision/answer.
    In both scenarios (become queen and stop seeing Paul or resign from being crowned and stay with Paul) there are likely to be some regrets. (E.g. if something happens to Paul/the kingdom and Amazonia feels like she could have protected/helped them better, if she’d only chosen otherwise.)

    On one hand, with the difference in lifetimes, Paul is not going to be with Amazonia until her dying day in any case, while her family (especially a younger generation e.g. nieces and whatnot – not sure if humans and amazons are even compatible enough to produce offspring, so no clue if WITH Paul that would even be an option) will probably stand beside her until the very end.
    On the other hand she never seemed to have any desire to be queen (and from what I gathered it would have been possible that she somehow wouldn’t end up as the youngest/healthiest daughter) and never being allowed to leave the planet (was it?) after having seen such wonder in all kinds of dimensions sounds awfully restricting to me.

    I have to say, I’m with Abby on this one. I’d not dare to think me able to judge the matter better than the person stuck in that situation, and also, that was I in Amazonia’s place, I’d probably pick my partner over the crown (IMHO she can still support her family even if she doesn’t become Queen). But I am aware that she might have a very different upbringing, lifetime of experience and view on all of this. So what would be or feel right to Amazonia is likely to be just as different from what is/feels right to me. *shrugs*

  2. Honestly, I don’t think Tom would have introduced Zoe’s sister in the first place story-wise if it wasn’t to eventually replace Zoe on the throne. It just makes more sense for the plotline, otherwise I feel her presence is a little random. But I could be wrong. In which case – I say the same as the guest user above.

  3. Well, either she replaces Zoe on the throne, or she replaces Zoe on earth. Superhero comics have a long standing tradition of a new person becoming the new hero when something happens to the old one. I don’t even know how many flashes or “eath’s green lantern”s there have been.

  4. Abby and Charlotte are doing the right thing. They CAN’T make Zoe’s decision for her, but they are there to give her support no matter what it might be. That’s what friends are for…and given how their relationship started, that’s kind of a minor miracle.

  5. My general thought about being confronted by two choices you hate is to find or create a third choice that you like more (or hate less) than both of them, and do that!

  6. Squire James: Zoe should declare to the populace of Leandia that she’s declaring it a republic?:

  7. I dunno, the people may declare that (1) Zoe is now President, and (2) all the old rules that applied to the Queen now applies to the President!

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