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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Heavy Indeed is the head that bears the Crown……………

  2. …but luscious is the bod that bears the robes…!

  3. What robe?

  4. Must be a bad dream, she’s being coronated in her amazon underwear.

  5. Zoe: follow your heart and personal truth. It may run counter to your expected duty, but it may be the greater service after all.

    The rest of you: shame on you. Mr. Zahler has been gracious enough to let us share in his warped “this is how I’d dress Lynda Carter or the Straczynski Power Princess” fantasy. No need for us to make it…tacky. ;P

  6. Why is she only wearing a Doctor Who length scarf? And do those huge clamps hurts?

  7. The 4th Doctor’s scarf was longer; the 1st & 7th, shorter. I believe it is woven from the same substance that keeps the Hulk’s pants intact and provides the Giant Turtle Man & Fin Fang Foom their shorts…THE COMICS CODE AUTHORITY!!!

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