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  1. I love how Mark skips right over “what’s happening?” and goes straight to “I hate when this happens!”

  2. Yeah, they are taking it rather well. Not too surprising, considering their experience.

  3. Also keep in mind Abby’s experience as Titania. I think they’ll be fine until Doc Carma can switch them back, but obviously something will delay that.

  4. …like “Abby” going into labour.

  5. Al least he’ll have a better idea of her cravings….. She was tempting fate with that, “You’ll never understand” line

  6. The question is can Abby avoid using Mark’s vision to peek at the baby?

    After all the stick she gave him for even suggesting it, it would be ironic if she is the one that cheats.

  7. How long will their minds stay swapped this time? Did this happen before?

  8. Well, they both adjusted to the concept of switching bodies pretty quickly. Makes sense, given the lives they have led…

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