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  1. He lasted longer than Batman would have done. Bats wouldn’t even have shown up, or if he did, it would be hidden in the shadows, leaving everyone to believe he never showed.

  2. No, IMHO Batman -would- have shown. Maybe he wouldn’t have been seen, but he would have shown. And he would have stayed to see it all the way to the end.
    Just like in Justice League – Season 2 Episode 19/20 – Hereafter 1&2. He also was the only one who doubted his death and tried to find him.

  3. Paul and Zoe’s relationship is now officially on a par with Mark and Abby’s. In this couple’s case, they are hurting terribly…and we feel it with them.

  4. The big barrel-chested guy in panel 1…he reminds me of a similar character in “Flesh Gordon.” And like Emperor Wang the Perverted, the Queen is thinking “STOP SHOUTING YOU DILDO!!!”

  5. Assuming Batman CAN have a stable relationship without recalling his dead parents… Or the Night, the Justice… Or the fact that Gotham is never safe and… Well I’m thinking that Batman WOULD’VE shown up… as a Security detail. Both the reason and the excuse. Besides it takes something short of tear gas to bring some feelings out of Batman.

  6. That’s kinda what I said. IF he did show up, he would stay to the shadows and make everyone believe he wasn’t that.

    Batman would show up for a funeral, but he would as I mentioned before stay in the shadows, and not appear publicly When Superman died in the comic and that episode of Justice League, he did as I stated before. He stayed hidden and most everyone else believed that he hadn’t shown up at all because he was “grieving”. Only Wonder Woman caught a glimpse of him in the cartoon, and the only person who saw Batman was in the comics was a criminal he caught.

    But when it comes to just saying good-bye to a romantic interest, I could see him not showing up at all. He’d have the mindset of breaking it off clean and not drawing out the pain. Batman for all his skills and abilities doesn’t have the strongest level of emotional maturity. And the idea of someone that he’s genuinely in love with having to leave due to their duties. Batman would respect their decision, but would also start to distance himself emotionally from them.

    Paul meanwhile has always been shown to be more emotionally mature. For example, he acknowledged he wasn’t emotionally strong enough to watch Zoe take the role of queen and leave him. That’s something Batman would never admit openly, if at all.

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