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  1. YEEEESSSS!!!!!!

  2. It’s convenient she found a guy named “Paul” to date. Otherwise that oath would have been weird.

  3. “The heart has reasons, that reason can not know.” – Mindmistress Webcomic, Chapter title

  4. “Well, that simplifies things. Kill the Paul!”

  5. The golden crown will got so much nicer with her blonde sister’s outfit anyways. ^^

  6. “We’re changing the country’s name to ‘Paul?'” (general smackings upside of the heads…)

  7. So will she now be forever estranged from her family?

  8. Did anyone else think of the the wedding scene from Friends?

  9. Hm…I don’t suppose this might have been some sort of elaborate trick to test Zoe’s loyalties on the Queen’s part? ‘Cause if she’s been faking the stroke, she’ll be needing that wheelchair very, very soon…

  10. Shouldn’t have said “loyalties”…maybe “test where Zoe’s heart truly belongs.”

  11. Oh, wow, I laughed SO HARD at your comment, Andy!! XD

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