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  1. Hooray! 🙂

  2. Well heck……………………..
    THAT WAS EASY………………

  3. That went over quite a bit better than she feared. Unless, of course, this isn’t the end of it.

  4. Is she now banished or does she lose her powers on Earth?

  5. Oriana, didn’t even hesitate. Just jumped right in to it. And the queen was way too accepting of her daughter’s abdication. I guess she had no faith in Amazonia’s leadership skills.

  6. Yeah, I’m with Laurent. I’m sure this isn’t the first time someone has had to step down.

  7. Uh-huh.
    Pick me, please. I should have been first choice from the start, my sister never wanted this.

  8. Mom: Give me grandbabies….lots of warrior grandbabies

  9. Gee. It’s almost as if the Royal Family saw this one coming a mile away.

  10. Moe Lane: Gee, ya think? (I suspect Oriana’s first act will be to ask the Council to rescind that “exile rule”…OR ELSE. Or, given that the Queen can speak after all, perhaps it was rescinded as her last act as ruler)

  11. 1) Completely agree with Moe Lane.
    2) Smart move. She would have probably grown old and bitter and become ineffectual as a leader if they had forced her to rule.
    3) I wonder if this will lead to a change in tradition or law (can’t remember which one it was).
    4) Can’t wait to see Darkblade’s reaction: jaw drop, clapping, other?

  12. One more thing… this smells suspiciously like a set up.

  13. That went extremely easier than expected.

    *waits for the other boot to drop*

  14. Going completely offsubject here into sheer silliness mode: don’t do a superhero medical dramedy (for one thing, Disney has “Mighty Med” which is just…wrong). I mean, what would you call it? “Cowlostomy?”<You can kill me. Just don't HURT me.

  15. Deof: I again ask, YA THINK?!!?

  16. Doctor Shows: Super Hospital, Hospital X (if Marvel),
    Medical Man, Medicine Man, Nightingale MD
    Heroes Without Borders, Meta-Med, Anatomy Man,
    Doctor Woman and Nurse Man, and finally Dr. Heroine, just kidding about that last one, Dr. Hero, Dr. Super and Doc Karma.
    REALITY SHOW: Housewives of Metropolis,
    So You Think You Can Save?, Saving With the Stars and
    Cave Makeover
    COP SHOW: JL SVU and Metropolis Blue.

  17. Ah-hah! Called it!

  18. Yes! And as I said the crown would go waaaay better with her outfit. 🙂

  19. Is Paul still in the room, or did he already leave? He said he couldn’t watch it, so he may not have seen this.

  20. And so the queen mother finally says the right thing to her daughter at the right time.

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