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  1. Is she being banished?

  2. Technically yes. Orianna’s being really classy about it though,

  3. Yeaaaah i don’t think Diana would do that… Or that Bruce would’ve accepted that.

  4. Who are this ‘Diana’ and ‘Bruce’ of which you speak? Amazonia and Paul, while clearly homages, are their own characters.

  5. Has Paul learned of the new development yet?

  6. @Yngvar We’ll probably find out that Paul already knew this was going to happen, and couldn’t bear to watch her banishment.

  7. @Walker this is not DC comics you are reading, it’s Love & Capes.

  8. @Walker There is a stark difference between WW being from an island on Earth (Themyscira ) and Amazonia being from another dimension/planet (Leandia)

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