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  1. Who wants to bet Zoe’s “dress” will disintegrate from speed friction as she goes after Paul? –Just me, then.

  2. K.Alan McDougall, Normally i wouldn’t doubt that, but considering how INTENSIVE and INTRUSIVE the leandian tailors are when it comes to outfits, I …. umm have my doubts that it will disintegrate.

  3. Queen has to petition? She can’t change the laws on her own? Interesting.
    Maybe similar to England’s monarchy…

    Anyway, just look at that pose of the new queen with the light of sunset(?) behind her through the window! She’s really something. Leandia seems to be in good hands. At least as long as no one wants to bake muffins… (Remember how she wished back the dogs to keep people in line? O.o)

  4. It makes sense to have a separate council to handle certain aspects of politics and legislation. It helps ensure that a single “bad” royal doesn’t completely destroy your society with crappy decisions and to help address things like the succession rules to prevent said royalty from changing them on a whim for personal benefit over actual needs of the people.

  5. Grayson A Judd: You’re probably right…but given that instances such as those Zoe just narrowly avoided…and considering the discussions about what Zoe should wear when she met Paul’s folks…that thing, buckles notwithstanding, could have been as flimsy as it looks.

    And to those of you complaining about the new costume for Zoe’s DC counterpart, I believe DC forgot something very important about Diana’s traditional, eh, armour: IT’S MAGICAL. Just because it doesn’t cover that much flesh doesn’t mean the flesh would be unprotected…about as much as, say, whatever the actual “armour” provides. It’s all about freedom of movement…

    Is Leandia really an alternate Earth (like Earth 2 or, conceivably, Bgztl?), or has everyone been mistaken and it’s actually a planet elsewhere in the galaxy? (I prefer the alternate-Earth theory only because parallel evolution only goes so far with me…)

    –And now I’ll shut up. ‘Til next time. :p

  6. Reading back it looks like we got some foreshadowing of her response, when she was talking with Abby in Mark’s body discussing the female employee who was leaving and how she shouldn’t be punished for following her heart. Looks like the new queen has picked up some very good wisdom indeed from her short time on Earth and around its heroes and their support.

  7. Nightmask: Agreed. Our little Zoe is *choke* growing up…

  8. Oh. You meant Oriana. Still, same diff.

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