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  1. Well, he is sort of REALLY rich…………….
    He could have a special crown made, one that would enhance both your looks (I must be blind) AND your abilities, while STILL

  2. keeping the hair out of your eyes…………………
    Needs an edit button
    And I need to pay more attention when I’m typing……….

  3. Or maybe now that she’s not a princess, she could reinvent herself and her look! New costume..

  4. Ugh… here comes some really mushy crap like “you’ll always be my princess” or “you never needed to be a princess for me to love you” followed by a kiss and the end of the chapter.

  5. And now she learns the joys of hairbands?

  6. … or, Abby gifts her with a book, “101 Ways To Plait Long Hair When You’re In a Hurry”

  7. The word “costume” seems a little odd in the context. Could it be that it was supposed to be “custom”?

  8. Be careful what you say next, Paul. You’re about to try to be charming, but I’ve seen that go wrong in so many ways…

  9. Yngvar: Costume, in that context refers to Costume Jewelry. A fake crown would not have real gold or real jewels, it would be a costume piece.

  10. @Grayson Judd – I’m expecting something more like, “It was never the crown that made you a princess.”
    @Yngvar – Agreed. “Suit” or “outfit” seem less likely to make her feel like a 5 yr old playing dress-up.

  11. Why do I feel a “You’ll always be my princess” coming on?


  13. Uh, guys? Haven’t you been reading this comic? At heart our Zoe has been and will ALWAYS be a…princess. :p

  14. Moe Lane: Hey! They’re already in a committed relationship! Also, Paul, being a child of a(n obscenely rich) broken home…even though the stepmom is a peach, may not feel comfortable with the traditional form of marriage. So…no rushing required.

  15. Here it comes…

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