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  1. You might want to check the spelling here- there’s a surprise Z in “you’ll.”

  2. Extra Z?
    Okay, who didn’t know this would be the next line? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  3. Who’s yzou?

  4. It’s yzou’ll. So…Zuul will always be his princess? Way to go, Sigourney Weaver! (She’s awesome enough to play Amazonia anyway, at least imho.)

  5. She’ll be his princess? Does that mean she gets to …tax him?

  6. Ladyofthemasque: Unfortunately, Sigourney’s now too old for the part. The dream choices are always too young or too old; Julie Strain would have been the perfect She-Hulk, for example (although the unproduced 4th Hulk TV-movie would have featured Gabrielle Reece in the part)…

  7. Denzel would make a good choice for Darkblade opposite Sigourney.

  8. Looking forward to a live-action SheHulk. Maybe a fitness model photo manipulated to be 4/3rds normal sized set against 3/4 sized furniture? The mundanes added with green screen?

  9. Jayessell: Check YouTube; there are a number of fan-produced She-Hulk inspired shows. I’d like to see her on SHIELD, beginning as a legal advocate for enhanced persons (who knows? In the old show David Banner had a sister (“Thanksgiving”); Jennifer Walters might be her daughter).

    As for the size thing: forced perspective (see the movie “Equinox” with its “caveman Hulk”) and tricks from the original “Invaders from Mars” could be used. Again, Julie Strain would have been perfect as Shulkie…at 6’1″, she’s closer to her character’s height than Lou Ferrigno was the Hulk’s.

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