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  1. Also, if his vision is x-ray based, it seems like a bad idea to aim that at a fetus.

  2. Seeing Mark’s expressions on Abby’s face is a riot. xD I love it.

  3. This does seem like it’s going to be good

  4. @Chrus It’s not! Mark has MRI vision.

  5. MRI is the same tech as a microwave. The only places that have a risk of overheating in an MRI are the eyes and testes.

  6. Even if it were X-ray vision, he’d be perceiving, not emitting the X-rays. Actually, from what I’ve read, Superman-type X-ray vision (different from MRI vision, also a PERCEPTION-based power) would actually be the ability to see radio waves. So there.

  7. MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which has NOTHING AT ALL to do with microwaves. MRIs don’t produce any heat except within metal objects that are affected by magnetism (not all metals are). They take MRIs of people’s heads all the time, which they would not do if there were any danger of overheating your eyeballs.

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