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  1. Darn it, I wanted Dot to become the next Darkblade.

  2. I think the sidekick/successor to the dark and gritty hero is the Redshirt of the super community.

  3. Oops I ment Dart

  4. I was hoping for Dart also…

    Totally unrelated to the story:
    Does anyone else have trouble viewing this comic on mobile browsers? I can’t zoom into the image…and there are pink and purple frames/borders around everything on the site preventing the image from using more than 2/3rds of my screen width.

    I can understand the styling, I guess…but why can’t I even zoom in? No double tap, no pinch…nothing. If I didn’t have a huge phone I doubt id be able to read this comic at all.

  5. Dot would have been nice too and Wacko can be the apprentice of Amazonia

  6. Meh. He doesn’t have the jaw.

  7. I agree. I, too, secretly wanted Dart to win the job, which begs the question: what happens to the unsuccessful candidates?

  8. Well, with “Darkblade’s intern” on your resume, you probably don’t have much trouble finding vigilante work. And one can always go solo.

  9. 1) I take it he’s their designated driver?
    2) Is it just me or does he seem to have an evil smirk on his face?

  10. Pity Dart didn’t get the job (remember the book “How to Be a Superhero,” and how we learned it’s a losing battle to try and convince your wife to let you take in a Girl Wonder? –I smell Amazonia’s…influence); it’d be nice to see Earth-LNC’s LiLo still looking like a twentysomething…

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