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  1. So why can;t Paul breed his successor? Did I miss something?

  2. Paul is a badass normal, meaning his successor will require rigorous training, Mark is an invulnerable man who got powers from something unknown, that can apparently be passed on to his little spawnlings. Obviously Mark’s kid would need training, but training to not accidentally hurt people, as opposed to Darkblade training, to survive being a lunatic in a mask.

  3. NoRAd:
    On top of that, there is a tradition of how Darkblades are choosen.

    Doesn’t mean he and Zoe can’t produce small half-amazon, half human babies,

  4. Both Bruce Wayne’s sons, Damien and Terry became Batman. Not to mention his daughter, Helina who became Huntress. All heroes can produce a biological heir or two or three.

  5. I doubt that someone can become a green lantern just because he is related to Hal.

  6. Getting away from the icky reproduction talk ( ;p ) for a moment, the remark about Paul’s apprentice not needing diapers…there are going to be incidents in his Bat-life where diapers are a wise precaution to certain–reactions.

  7. Alan Scott’s daughter became a Green Lantern.

  8. Then died, then came back and then after the New 52 appeared maybe three times, all in “Ame-Comi Girls.” And with Alan Scott suddenly “gayed up”, the chances of her and her brother’s ah, “reconception” have dropped markedly.

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