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  1. Bit lost here
    What did I miss?

  2. The Joker infamously beat Jason Todd, the second Robin, to death with a tire iron.

  3. Oh good, so I’m not the only one who’s lost

  4. I’m guessing it’s a reference to Jason Todd, Robin #2, who first met Batman when he tried to steal the Batmobile’s tyres.

  5. Reference to Jason Todd being beaten with a crowbar by The Joker, maybe? I’m lost on the toy rocket thing, though.

  6. How Bucky died, perhaps (originally in the marvel comics, before “getting better”, Bucky was tied to a rocket and unable to be rescued, I think.

  7. Bucky Barnes?

  8. The tire iron, yes, must refer to the death of Jason Todd, Robin Ii. My best guess on the rocket is a callback to the death of Bucky.

  9. Probably a reference to Bucky, who died chained to the Red Skull’s rocket.

  10. perhaps a reference to bucky being “killed” on the rocket red skull launched back in WWII?

  11. Assuming I’m getting both references here the tire iron is supposed to be a reference to the crow bar used to kill Jason Todd and the rocket was a reference to how Bucky got killed, being trapped on one of the last bomb planes meant for the us and taking it into the ice

    For anyone who is confused as to what these references mean

    Jason Todd was the second robin, after Dick Grayson and sadly wasn’t as popular as his previous counterpart. So DC had an event where The Joker kidnapped Jason and the viewers got to call into a hotline to either save or kill Jason. Ultimately the vote was to kill and The Joker armed with a crowbar proceeds to kill Jason.

    Bucky whom you should know if you’ve seen the Captain America movies was Caps Robin so to speak. In the comics however instead of falling off of the train into the icy river below and being found by hydra agents later he actually gets on the plane/rocket that was headed to the US with Cap. In an attempt to stop some suicide rocket bombers Cap and Bucky work together but Bucky gets caught on the last one opting to take it into the ice so that it can’t reach its target city.

  12. The toy rocket is a reference to Bucky getting blown up on a rocket.

  13. I’d forgotten the Bucky thing (but who could forget the infamous tire iron). I think my problem was looking for an incannon explaination.

  14. I suppose we should be grateful for no Tim Drake or Damian Wayne cracks…

    Then again, the tire iron might mean something else entirely here.

  15. BTW, it was Baron Zemo, not the Red Skull, who was responsible for Bucky’s “death” in WWII (in the comics). That’s right: the 1945 Teutonic version of Paste-Pot Pete.

  16. In-universe, the tire iron and toy rocket are probably references to hilarious failures on Dagger’s part. At least that would be my guess based on his reaction.

  17. As far “in canon” explanations, there have been indications that many of the superheroes from the comics or at least counterparts to them really exist in this setting.

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