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  1. Takes an adult to realise when they’re wrong
    and actually admit it…………..
    Out loud, to someone else……………

  2. nice consistency with the Tiara, and lack thereof, Used to drive me nuts as a kid (even more so as an adult watching childhood shows) when Cartoons and Comics would indicate that an Item had been lost, but due to recycled/multi-purpose materials, or force of habit the character model used would still contain the allegedly missing Item.

  3. Amazonia looks cuter without the tiara, in my opinion.

  4. @Khlavia, dare I say it, she looked more…. regal.

  5. Mrs. O’Lonergan knows Paul well enough to see what changes are good and not so good for him. The girl gave up a throne, rulership of a world and may not see her homeworld and the majority of her family (it’s not like her other sisters can’t visit Earth) for a long time, all for Earth and for Paul. Mrs. O’Lonergan’s smart enough to reailize that no mere ‘hussy’ is capable of that.

  6. I agree Zoe looks better without the crown. Perhaps a jewel-encrusted ponytail tie-up thingie is in order?

    Mrs. O’L has come as close as she will ever come (barring a baby) to giving Zoe permission to court her little boy (As Alfred-y as she is, is she also a variation on Helen Mirren’s character from the “Arthur” remake?)

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