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  1. “decided”

  2. I always prefered Packard

  3. Jamie Danger and the Invasion of the extraterrestrial pickpockets

    Jamie Danger versus the galactic brain

    Jamie Danger and the curse of the cooties

  4. Ohhh so familiar this….

  5. 10-year-old me always favored a girl’s name of ‘Ariel Avengelica’.

  6. At least they agree! LOL.

  7. This page made me literally LOL 🙂
    It’s allllll in the marketing

  8. Of course the kid should be named after Captain Kirk. After all, what did James Joyce do? He took the Odyssey and replaced the characters with an all-Irish cast. What could you possibly manage with THAT?

    Seriously, it’s nice to know the boys are also fanboys. Probably made it easier for them to adjust to working in tights and capes.

  9. Does this mean that in the gender swap world the baby name will be ‘Jamie’ after Kirk and ‘James’ after the Bionic Man?
    I agree Grayson, but Sisko was a god and Janeway was a queen.

  10. As for “Danger” as a middle name…only if “Austin” is in front.

  11. Or Nick.
    I want a pizza to go and no anchovies.

  12. Okay, who the heck is Jamie Danger? Google brought up way too many real people with that name.

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