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  1. Did he… or *didn’t* he? Only Darkblade knows… Mwahahahahaha!

  2. I love Darkblade’s troll face, even if most of it is hidden behind his coffe cup.

  3. He knew, he already knows what college the kid will attend.

  4. Scotty got the title of “Engineering wonder worker” by always giving overestimated timetables and underestimated tollerancies.

    I would not put it beyond Darkblade to have at least considered such a possibility – that the Art Degree might somehow help Abby with her shop or the family in general longterm.
    Having that actally planned out – inlcuding to know that Abby would get pregnant just then – is not possible. No mater how smart you are, the uncertainties of life and humans would screw over any plan like that.

  5. And thus, Darkblade trolls his best bud for kicks.

  6. great batman reference/jab. that was one of the most annoying things about that character the last 7 years or so, where he predicted everything happening and had plans in place to stop it.

  7. Nah, not even Batman….Xanatos though…or L from Death Note…uhg, hate that level of (oh I can account for an infinite number of chaotic events to get this one outcome…)

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