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  1. What?!

  2. Focusing on protecting and caring for his family seems like a legit excuse to me. But try as he might, he’ll never escape from being a super hero. He’s going to get pulled into something whether he likes it or not.

  3. Wha-Nooooooooo!

  4. … because retiring for the family’s sake worked so well for Paragon…

  5. Supervillains rejoice.

  6. Traditionally, this has never worked well.
    Uncle Ben’s tired old trope aside, heroing is like a trained reflex: if you can help, you’ll want to help… especially if you’re capable of doing things no one else can do. He’d have to de=power, or spend the rest of his life miserable with guilt.

  7. Even if he can depower, he’d still feel guilty for having done so once a situation comes up where he could have made a difference.

  8. Darkblade didn’t see THAT one coming.

  9. @SilentSooYun
    Indeed. It has always seemed to me that those with a superhero mentality have signed their own death warrant. Every fight they survive increases the probability they will die the next fight. Eventually they will be just a tad too slow or not quite strong enough and take that fatal blow. Back to my agreement though, I concur any person who decides to be a hero will have the mentality to be a hero (whatever their drive may be) when and where they can. For those who age eventually they will get to old but still try to save the day… and go kaput. If he de-powered he would probably die trying to do something or as you said be guilt ridden for the rest of his life. Rant done.

  10. In the book “Heroes of the Night” (all about real-life superheroes), it’s noted that real-life superheroes are like psychopaths in many ways but one: psychopaths are void of empathy and compassion, RLSHs are overflowing with it. Mark will always be a hero, even if he has to do so on the down-low.And who knows? Maybe Abby’s alternate-reality superpowers will kick in when the baby is born.

  11. He said he was going to retire from being the Crusader, but not directly from being a superhero. I could see him stepping back a bit and taking on smaller things closer to home with a different alias. Stopping entirely? I think not.

  12. Yeah, he’s gonna be “superdad” instead! XD

  13. It’s the reason Silver Age heroes ducked marriage for as long as they could. It’s also the reason that most pulp heroes and dime novel heroes were bachelors as well. It’s one thing to take risks when you are responsible only for yourself and quite another to take those same risks when a family is depending on you. @_@

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