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  1. A super good point. Comics are rife with absantee dads (Take Cyclops for example.) And the results are never pretty.

  2. You’re wise beyond your years crusader

  3. My father was an absentee man. I turned out fine but I wish he was there more often

  4. Crusader, while I see where he is coming from, is wrong. All he would do is teach his child that his father turned his back on people who needed him. Its not right. Giving up protecting people, even for family, isn’t the best option and his son (or daughter) will know that.

  5. Does anyone else think about Superman in “Superman Returns”? And how he seemed to have left right after knocking up Lois?

  6. He really is a good guy isn’t he? If he can transfer the powers to someone else, then he isn’t turning his back on anyone. He’s earned a rest if that’s what he wants. Although I do think he should talk this out with Abby.

    Course I’m worried that he would just be leaving himself vulnerable to any villain who finds him and is carrying a grudge.

  7. @Evil Brain
    As a rebuttal of that, there is the recent comic Superman: Lois and Clark wherin Superman has a ready replacement on hand and…Quietly retires. Changed his name, lives on a farm with Lois who now operates under a pen name as a novelist, raises a son who has no idea about his fathers past….

  8. Until the you-will-not- believe-its-not-galactus guys returns and nobody else can activate the defense against him

  9. I wonder if he has run that by Abby. My bet is on “no”.

  10. A good point, Mark. But is it wise for yourself?
    You might be able to take the Crusader out of mark, but can Mark life without being the Crusader? Heroes are not heroes because they have powers, but because they want to help. It is as important for him as the Bookstore is for Abby.

    Familiy alone can not make you happy. They can only be an exteson of the happyness you already have from the rest of your life. If he does it but regrets it every day for the next 18 years or so, that would color his interaction with his child. And propably not for the better,

  11. I’m with the others, he shouldn’t retire,
    maybe just take a less active role in being a superhero
    the day he stops being a superhero is, well basically the end of the comic.
    it won’t be love and capes, without his cape,
    and he’s the best as an accountant because he has those powers to begin with.
    giving up his powers will basically ruin the wonderful live he currently enjoys
    and all the perks that come with it, no more spontaneous vacations.
    if he still wants to have some aspects of a normal life
    perhaps his powers could be engraved into a ring.
    he could still be a hero, but would be able to step back
    and enjoy a quiet day with his family, and friends.
    and when his son or daughter gets older, he could pass his powers to the next generation

  12. It only makes sense that he would want to defend his family first, before those he shares less than. If Mark has always had his powers he might not recognize situations as dangerous like pulling a box full of books down. Using the white privilege argument maybe Mark is too good at his job it is keeping non-Asian minority heroes from breaking stereotypes.

    So many are wanting Syrian moslems to come to the US, when Syrian Christians are the persecuted minority, even after Paris, it makes me wonder why so many would sacrifice their families/civilization for others. One of the Paris attackers was a 15yo Syrian that only entered France the past month, but somehow got around France’s strict gun control.

  13. Well, if Abby’s new art shop/book store (should also add a coffee and wine shop in there) does well enough, then the Crusader could quit his regular job and 9-5 the super hero thing.

  14. My own father had to work two jobs to support my mom, my sisters and myself. But what time he had, he gave to us. Mark has an advantage: superspeed flight. He can come and go at a moment’s notice for sitches that, for him, Kal-El or Kal-L for that matter, really shouldn’t take too much time. Given his invulnerability, Mark’s kid will have fewer worries of Daddy not coming back… or not coming back intact (my dad, a naval firefighter, had his share of incidents…including a fall off a water tower than ended his career and may have triggered the advance of his arthritis and eventually his cancer–wow, I’m so CHIPPER today…).

  15. Mark’s showing a common blind spot for people, he’s thinking that his problems are special/unique and no other father ever had to worry about missing his child’s birth or required extreme measures to try and be available when that’s actually a common concern for most fathers especially those in high demand or his risk positions like emergency rescue workers, firefighters, police, and doctors. However much that doctor might want to be at his daughter’s birth or her first birthday the people who could die because he’s not the one treating them have to take priority. It’s the fairness of life that it generally plays no favorites even for super-heroes.

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