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  1. Hey, you never know. The kid could have balmy-weather powers. (PS: Mark and the LL couldn’t spring for an elevator or mini-teleporter so the pregnant lady wouldn’t have to go up all those stairs?)

  2. First time we are able to see Zoe wearing earrings.

    Also, she’s an aunty? Interesting, but I suppose that as each of the older ones became a big sister, they became removed from the line of succession had time to pursue their own lives, like starting a family.

    I’m guessing her reaction is due to the “heroes like the status quo” conversation she mentioned once, ha ha.

  3. If the kid is invulnerable like it’s dad, the cold won’t be a problem at all!

    Of course, we have no idea yet if the powers are inheritable…

  4. BTW: Does this mean Zoe’s going to make it to the baby shower? And will she do it in a “secret identity?”

  5. We need more Amazonia!
    …cause maybe then I can get used to seeing her without her tiara 🙂

  6. @K.Alan McDougall

    No, because it happened the month previously.

  7. Don’t worry about it Zoe. Everything will change a second time when you start having them as well. ^_^

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