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  1. Have to remember that it’s Mark making the joke.

  2. So how long until some magician in that world will invent “Tax-magic”?

  3. “So it’s like the tax code.”

    And this is coming from an accountant!

  4. Tiki magic? Connected, perhaps, to the Riki Tiki Tavern (named for a Rudyard Kipling story, no less)? –Hadda try.

  5. Anyone else horrified by the fact that Evil Brain was trying to take over Mark’s body? If he had succeeded, Abby and the baby could;ve easily gotten in danger.

  6. Except that evil Brain would have had Mark’s body, but not him memories. If Abby even met up with the mind switched, Mark, she would have been calling Paul to alert him to the “number 6” in about ten seconds.

  7. They may have to resort to… MATH
    (See The Futurama Equation)

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