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  1. I can’t tell if that’s a burn or a complement.

  2. Wait a minute. Okay, random theory time: What if Major Might is Mark and Abby’s kid from a possible future? I mean, I kind of just now noticed that the guy kind of looks like a combo of the two…

    Then again, I could just be looking into things too much due to having just waking up.

  3. @Auragongal I had the same thought as soon as I read “that means more to me than you know.”

  4. Now that they’ve gotten to the root of the problem, he can leaf him alone.

  5. If you guys recall from when he was dating Amazonia, MM is a 10yo boy that idolized the crusader much like Captain Marvel & Superman.

  6. Sorry make that Shazam & Superman. He is a 10yo boy that turns into MM.

  7. @Auragongal:
    Would not have been the wierdest thing to have happened in this Family. Even Abby went back in time once, to save Mark´.

    That does not exclude he is thier son from an Alternate Future where both died/something like that. If at all, it makes it more likely.

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