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  1. “I’ve got some X-Ray Goggles and an X-Ray Gun, I didn’t see a thing but I sure was stunned,
    when I lost my money, to the back of a magazine!”

  2. I am old.
    They were twelve cents when I began reading comics.

  3. Every time someone mentions the whole peeking with X-Ray vision, I’m reminded of this strip in the webcomic Grrl Power 😀


  4. I’m reminded of Power Girl and Toyman in ‘Batman/Superman: Public Enemy’ and Robot Chicken sketch where all the women at the Daily Planet have cancer from a perverted Superman’s X-ray vison.

  5. @EB… was the ‘pervert Superman’ a RC skit or was it Family Guy… or have they both given up and started recycling each others jokes?

  6. 12c. God, that makes me sound like I’ve got one foot on a banana peel.

  7. I remember that. I also remember my feelings of total outrage when they went up to 15 cents. ^_^

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