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    Of all the things she said,AND with his super hearing……….
    THAT is the ONE THING he singled out and ZOOMED in on………..

  2. Can you imagine if a kid with super strength played football? I hate be on the receiving end of that kick.

  3. or hockey, that’d be a heck of a slap shot…but good call on no soccer!

  4. The kid’s going to be nerfed until he’s safely on the far end of adolescence.

  5. They’ve already put limiters on the kid’s powers. If s/he wants to try out for sports s/he can, but s/he has to leave the powers at home.

  6. Odd. Everyone is voicing valid concerns of a (potentially) super powered kid being dangerous on the sports field, but I read it more like a personal dislike of soccer specifically.

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