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  1. I love how Mark’s panicking here.

  2. And – BOOM! – there it is!

  3. I love Mark’s naiveté. He doesn’t realize that pregnancy itself in the final months can be no walk in the park, pain wise. Let’s see him try to find a comfortable sleeping position. Hee-hee.

  4. This story line is fantastic

  5. Impressive. But i find it hard to believe that Mark can’t deal with pain. I mean he was hurt plenty of times on these pages, and i’m assuming outside of said pages. He should be specific about it =)

  6. This would be more of a problem without Doc Karma.

  7. I love Doc’s attitude in panel 4.

  8. Taking some inspiration from Captain Hammer™?

  9. There’s beating up pain and there’s pushing a human being out of a small orifice of one’s body pain. No guy can handle that.

  10. … I admit I am not a fan of this trope.

    The body switch isn’t the trope, but I don’t like the whole, “The man can’t take the pain of childbirth.” Trope. Its a bit demeaning to us guys to be honest.

  11. That is going to complicate going to work for a month, isn’t it?

  12. It’s not a guy can’t handle it, it’s a guy who doesn’t normally fell pain at all can’t handle it. It would be the same if he broke a limb in Abbey’s body, not good.

  13. Women where designed to be able to have babies, in fact most animals plop out a baby and keep going. Even 100 years ago women had a baby and had to get water from a well the next day because the man was working, this is the reality in the 3rd world still. Now we have women who need a 3 month vacation from pushing a button even with pain drugs. The real question is will people realize its not Abby when she is able to handle a spider by herself?

  14. Anub, that “three month vacation” is more about bonding time with baby and establishing breastfeeding than simply recovery, though if you’ll look at maternal death rates 100 years ago, I think you’ll be far less enamored of how they did things.

    This is a cute storyline but I hope Abby gets herself back soon. Lots of fathers miss their child’s birth but “my mother missed it” seems a deeper complaint.

  15. Male seahorses give birth and Arnold Schwarzenegger, here’s hoping superbaby doesn’t kick too hard.

  16. Pushing out a kidney stone anyone?

  17. Wait, Mark had ten years or so without invulnerability, did he lose all the capacity to deal with pain he got from that?

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