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  1. And she’s perfectly CALM about it………………….
    You really know how to pick ’em mark…………….

  2. Funny that is how my wife has been for each of our children. I have never understood the hysterical pregnant stereotype.

  3. Cue traditional dad freak out in 3, 2, 1…

  4. thats less calm and so panicked that she come around to something much like calm.

  5. Oh… just got real.

  6. I just have to say that, after following this for years, and having read a number of comics (traditional, graphic novel, webcomics, etc)…this is one of my absolute top favorites. Thank you for creating such a joyous story for us to read, and for being willing to share it (and lure us in!) online.

  7. But what good are superpowers in this situation if you want to keep a secret identity? Or are they using Doc Karma again?

  8. Easy – Mark will simply don a telephone booth and pretend to be The Doctor. 😉

  9. I really hope The Crusader is the type to faint in the delivery room. It’s his only weakness! 😛

  10. …You devious son of a-

    Perfectly played. PERFECTLY.

  11. They’re been using Dr. Karma, but even if he were to take her to the emergency room, he can claim to be helping a damsel in distress. Once she’s safely checked in, jet off, change clothes, drive over to hospital as the anxious husband.

    He could even wait around for the delivery as The Crusader, “Lovely child, ma’am”, “Would you like to hold him/her since you saved me?”, etc., then come back later as I-was-at-the-office-got-here-as-soon-as-I-could Mark.

  12. I’m wondering exactly how well Mark will handle this; I recall the Fantastic Four Special depicting Franklin’s birth and the expectant father (not Reed) in the waiting room calming himself down so he won’t be a “nundle of berves.”

  13. Don’t say “Are you SURE?”, Mark.

    Trust me on this one.

  14. Her water broke what? :p

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