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  1. I’ve heard of a friction burn, but that’s ridiculous!

  2. Hahaha Oh Mark That’s awesome. Way to be inconspicuous.

  3. Serenity, Mark. Serenity.

  4. I’m trying to work out what the minimum speed is for a Doppler shift to be visible… Regardless of the number, I’m surprised she had time to notice on the way that it happened.

  5. American physicist Robert W. Wood was ticketed for going through a red light in Baltimore. In court, he gave a brilliant lecture on the Doppler Effect, explaining how the light had _appeared_ green. The judge was about who let him off when (so the story goes) a former student of Wood’s (whom he’d flunked) stood up, plugged numbers into the formulae, and showed a shift of that magnitude could only happen at a substantial fraction of the speed of light.
    The judge dropped the original charge and fined Wood for speeding.

    Not only would Abby not have had time to notice the trip to the hospital, but the city would have been flattened by the shock wave and Abby reduced to a greasy smear.

  6. OMG the baby is coming! (I just had a chance to catch back up from holidays) I’m so excited!!!!!

  7. I need to nitpick on a trope.
    Why do the hospitals always make you fill out the forms right then?
    I mean, while the prospective parents don’t know the exact day of delivery (unless labor is induced), they still have about nine months of lead time. They could fill out those forms in advance, during a pre-natal checkup appointment.

  8. Well there’s certain information that they can’t get before during prenatal and certain information they have to verify every time you visit a hospital regardless of whether you’ve filled out the forms before or not. So those forms most likely fit into one of those who categories.

  9. I wonder if other fathers melt the pens (or otherwise ruin them TO GET THINGS GOING)?

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