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  1. Springing the “but… you’re…” card on him? A touch sudden, eh?

  2. Brilliant!

  3. What a way to find out. I wonder how Mark going to fly him? Charlotte push or carrying him?

  4. He’s gonna pick him up by the coat collar.

  5. He throws him ,flys fast to catch him before he hits the ground than throws him again

  6. Quincy is a better uncle than I am. Going to such efforts to be there as soon as possible.
    I wonder how the reveal of Mark as the Crusader will change things between him and Quincy.

  7. Oh c’mon, be kind, he’s gonna be an uncle in a few hours; he’ll have had enough of a rough shock finding out he will NEVER be able to beat Marky-Mark at arm wrestling without being ALLOWED to win, past, present, or future. (We need never mention to Bro that at one point, for one day, Mark was a non-super.)

  8. Wait, when did Abby learn the gender of the baby?

  9. Best reveal ever.

  10. And now the whole family knows.

    Let the villain shenanigans begin.

  11. Definitely one of the best reveals ever, hit him while he’s already bouncing emotionally so it derails his normal reactions. Going to be hilarious when he gets to the ‘wait so you’ve been letting me win all this time haven’t you?’ or even ‘hey YOU’RE the reason I fell in the lake aren’t you?’.

  12. Carrying on a phone conversation with a wind of several hundred m.p.h. blowing across the mouthpiece. That has got to qualify as a super power all by itself.

  13. How tempting is it for the reporter to tell the world or blackmail the hero into getting heroines’ phone numbers.

  14. And now the real conflict begins…
    What’s the least emasculating way to be carried around by a superhero?

  15. Least emasculating? Rent that car. A flying car, now that’s pretty cool!

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