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  1. You’re lucky she’s otherwise occupied at the moment……………….

  2. Oooo, Mark’s wanting to test that invulnerability, eh?

  3. Later:

    Abby: “Remember honey, you still owe me $10.”
    Quincy: “$10 for what?”
    Mark & Abby: “Um…. nothing!”

  4. Yeah, Abby, what are you waiting for?

  5. Wait – her contractions are 6 minutes apart now? 3 comics ago Charlotte was saying that they were 5 minutes apart?

  6. The baby must be reconsidering being born.

  7. C’mon, Abs, all you’re doing is push a human being through your yoo-hoo…

  8. Many studies have noted that nearly 100% of women giving birth are very self-centered and single-minded. It is one of the few times we men can come close to understanding them.

  9. Well, let me say that this is ABSOLUTELY the WRONG time to make a joke like this. When a woman is in hard labor, they have the strength of at least 3 men, and are twice as bloodthirsty as any psycopath. My wife almost broke my hand during a contraction, and later told me she had been tempted to bite my ear off (literally) when I was trying to comfort her.
    Even Mark should tread lightly here.

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