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  1. Not to be the one to ask foolish questions…………..
    But what IS Major Might’s powerset anyways?

  2. The Jolly Green Giant should sue his barber.

  3. I think I have room in my perennial bed for one of those.

  4. Huh. That first panel… Crusader’s not *exactly* impervious, eh? Perhaps dozens (or hundreds or thousands) of screech gates opening at once could overload his senses and render him unconcious?

  5. or at least give him tinitus. 😀

  6. He doesn’t look so tough!

  7. Hey, see how *you* like fingernails on a blackboard at a level that high…

  8. And to get away from those mental images (and sounds)…at first glance, Starlet’s outfit almost looks flesh-coloured, don’t it?

  9. OR…(after their first attack is unsuccessful) “Frankly, Starlet, it don’t give a d**n.”

  10. @K.Alan McDougall – Maybe if she were an albino.

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