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  1. Paul has a 50/50 shot. Decent odds of being right. We will see how good his deductive skills are

  2. “Dear Mark,
    HA! You fell for it!

    Kindest personal regards,

  3. “Mark, congratulations! It’s both.”

  4. Girl.

    Just because female supers are underrepresented in the medias.

  5. Can’t be both, doc karma only saw two sparks of life in abby. if she had twins, especially feternal twins, he would have seen 3 sparks of life in abby and the ultra sound would have shown two babies.

  6. “Dear Mark:

    No, I didn’t try to predict whether it’d be a boy or a girl. I did, however, predict that you’d need a distraction from freaking out right… about… now.”

  7. Boy. I feel like it would be a boy. And I think he just loves annoying Mark with his guesses

  8. Congratulations! No, I didn’t try to predict the sex of your baby. Abby would kill me. Charlotte would help. I bought some stocks for the kid’s college fund. They should appreciate in value enough to cover expenses in around 10 years; I planned some wiggle room in case the kid gets into college early. Also, the monks who trained me have offered free babysitting services at the monastery when you and Abby need a date night.

  9. Letter is dated the day he told Paul he’d tell Abby about his secret identity.

  10. I think you’re all wrong. I think Paul’s letter contains a check with lots of zeroes to be used for the baby’s education, or for a present.

    Nah, he probably nailed the kid’s gender.

  11. To the ppl guessing money for college paul and amazonia are having mark do the tax forms for a charity they are setting up and paying him in stock in there companies that should be worth enough for ivy leauge phd if the kid wants to go that way

    The letter says (color) baby furnature will be set up by the time you get home

  12. It’s not money for education. Several commenters seem to have forgotten that Paul and Zoe already implemented a plan to give Mark stock in their companies in exchange for accounting work, the value of which will accrue over the next two decades.


    He has on the other hand trolled Mark at least once about being the world’s greatest detective.

  13. Someday he’s going to push his luck too far, and he probably knows it.

    That’ll make a nice tombstone: “Darkblade. He knew he had this coming.”

  14. Actually, it would be fairly simple for Dark blade to know : it’s only been concealed from the parents, but will be in the ultrasound records.

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