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  1. Funniest thing about this?
    Mark looks very “at home” in that body, he actually has the ATTITUDE to pull off being female!

  2. Mind you, once he stands up, his kidneys are going to teach him about certain side effects of gravity… 😉

  3. An aspect about this swap comes to mind which I think would create more challenge for the illustrator. Different people have different facial expressions (and other nonverbal expressions). Personally, I use my eyebrows a ton, but I can’t frown with my mouth. So, how much of that would transfer over in a swap like this? Because so far, Abby’s body is still showing much more expression than Mark’s even though they have different drivers now.

  4. @ LostMind

    I would put it down to muscle memory, after all we very rarely think about how to frown and so forth.

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