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  1. I understand doing it this way produces a better end result for the archives and for books but GAHHH, this is Maddening!

  2. GIRL please be a girl. And AHHHH, I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!

  3. Um… did Mark lose his powers for the birth (which I think would’ve been a great idea) or is he just play-acting for the nurses? Also, cliffy-city here!

  4. Verge… Rule of funny.

  5. Troll. A healthy troll

  6. Child! I bet it’s a perfectly healthy child!

  7. Is it me or should Mark’s hand be broken even if he does have his powers?

  8. We shiver with antici-

  9. It’s a brain… and it seems to be… an evil brain?

  10. And again, with the implications that Mark is not quite impervious.

  11. Wow Tobias I didn’t even notice the ow from mark nice catch

  12. No way, NoRAd. I not paying child support, the kid looks nothing like me. That’s Paul’s baby, that’s why he already paid for the kid’s education.

  13. I was thinking the ow might have been from another Screech Gate opening up?

  14. Guys, didn’t you know? ALL women in labour have superstrength that can overcome even Superman-level fellers!

  15. “It’s a…

    “TO BE LNC-INUED!!!”

  16. “…alien llama!”

  17. Given the nurse in the first panel who is not one of the Doctors Karma, I’m guessing Mark is playing vulnerable for her sake.

  18. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE THEY GOT ENGAGED !!!!!! A BABY CLIFFY?1 REALY?!……………Friday better get here faster.

  19. Mark does seem to be keeping an eye on her.


  21. I love the fact that Abby actually hurt Mark’s hand through his invulnerability. I’ve told all my male friends expecting kids never to fall for their women asking to hold their hand while delivering. My uncle had his hand broken that way. I had two knuckles dislocated the same way with a friend. Delivering woman strength is the stuff of legends 😀

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