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  1. D’aaaw!

  2. The note said….?

  3. Why do I get the feeling something is going to go very, very wrong…

  4. Her brother looks like he just got the, SCORE NEPHEW TO DO GUY STUFF WITH! Face.

  5. I hope Mark gets his nose back someday. That sounds painful.

  6. Nothing wrong with that, BloodPlum. Guy grew up with two sisters. A nephew is probably a dream come true for him.

  7. “SCORE NEPHEW TO DO GUY STUFF WITH! ” Even better she will have to leave the seat up for her son, & he can tell him how long mommy sucked her thumb for.

  8. It is not a note, it is a check.

  9. Nah, Evil Brain. Paul and Amazonia already covered James’ college with their charity remember? Its going to have Gender, Name, Height and Weight all written down on it, and Mark is finally going to admit that Paul is a great detective.

  10. Blood relatives are one thing; wait until James’ “dutch aunt and uncle” (Zoe and Paul) show up to gush over the little guy.

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