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  1. Take a good look Paul, you’re next………………

  2. Aww, widdle Jimmy looks a bit fussy in the third panel.

  3. I thought it might be expensive technotrickery (Bluetooth e-Paper) but Mark would see through that (by seeing through that)

  4. It’d be pretty easy for Paul to arrange access to a blood test or two or even just the results. You can’t tell me he can’t pay a good hacker, if he even needed the outside help! Or maybe he cut a deal with Alt. Doc Karma. 😀

  5. Look at Paul, Zoe and Mrs. O’L’s faces. Can you imagine Bruce, Diana and Alfred risking being that misty?

  6. Alfred and Diana definately, but not Bruce.

  7. Snap quiz!

    Without looking back in the archive, anyone remember what month it’s supposed to be in the comic?

  8. @Mondoblasto
    There were blizzards shutting down Chicago so May?

  9. @K.Alan McDougall Alfred would totally get misty for a friend’s baby, Diana too probably. Bruce wouldn’t in his current incarnation, but maybe one of his earlier less-serious versions.

  10. @Jon
    Close! It’s April. ^_^

  11. numaroth: I was thinking of the post-Flashpoint versions of Bruce, Diana and Alfred. Can you imagine them gushing “Awww, looka da baybee!!!”?

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